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Sometimes, no matter how much two people attempt to save a marriage, there is simply no other option than to dissolve the relationship. While this may be beneficial for the sake of each individual, however, it becomes much more complicated when children are involved. Usually, it is natural for each parent to want to spend a large portion of time with their children, but it can sometimes be difficult to come to a mutual agreement about the actual logistics of how to accomplish this.

When you encounter this difficult scenario, you must reach out to our Plano child custody attorneys right away. Ultimately, what is most important is finding a solution that cares for your children’s best interests. You can count on G.J. Chavez & Associates, P.C. to seek the most amicable path that simultaneously achieves your goals for your family.

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Types of Child Custody in Texas

There is more than one kind of parenting plan for families who are separated by divorce. It is important that you and your future ex-spouse discuss these options in regard to custody so that you can come to an agreement as smoothly and as peacefully as possible.

Under the law of Texas, possessing legal custody means that a parent has the duty and right to decide important choices which have to do with the child’s future. Such decisions involve ensuring that a child has proper healthcare, education, opportunities to practice religion, and engage in community activities and participate in social events.

In contrast, physical custody refers to where a child will be spending most of their time living throughout the week. Usually, the court prefers for parents to have joint custody so that each parent can have a say in the child’s life. However, it is often decided that a child might physically spend more time at one parent’s house rather than traveling in the middle of a school week for a 50/50 split situation. Our attorneys can help you determine the best way to organize custody and visitation.

How is Child Custody Determined in Texas?

When it comes to determining child custody, or conservatorship, as it is known under Texas law, the court will make its decision based on a number of criteria.

Some examples of the factors which the Texas Family Law Court will consider when deciding the division of custodianship include:

  • The child’s current status of intimacy and relationship with each parent
  • The child’s needs for health, safety, and welfare and any factors of location which might affect these aspects
  • The current condition of mental and physical health of each parent
  • Any preferences of the child so long as they are over 12 years old
  • Any knowledge of the history of domestic abuse, child abuse, or misuse of drugs or alcohol

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A divorce is often very painful and difficult for both parents, but it can be excruciating for any children you share. It is the goal of G.J. Chavez & Associates, P.C. to expedite the process as smoothly and amicably as possible so that you and your family can begin your new journey together without additional pain and anxiety.

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